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The Agency PRO AGENS publishes three regular professional journals with articles authored by Agency's team and by external collaborators, experts in different fields.

INFORMER ("Informator")

Biweekly until the end of 2009), monthly, as of 2010, professional journal with articles on subjects in the field of tax, finance, accounting, audit, employment, management, business, investment, banking, insurance and law (24 editions per year until the end of 2009 / 12 editions per year as of 2010.

PRO ECONOMY ("Pro Ekonomija")

Manual for preparation of Financial Statements and Annual Report, which also includes professional articles on current subjects in the field of economics and law (special edition published once a year).

ANNEX TO INFORMER ("Dodatok na Informator")

Publication of unofficially updated provisions of laws and other regulations of Republic of Macedonia (at least 8 editions per year).

The Agency PRO AGENS also publishes the following edition:

"INFO-REGISTAR" /Info-Registry/ (registry file with replaceable papers that is updated on a regular basis), which contains all data and information necessary for the tax-accounting-financial operations of the clients.

Other Publications

Value Added Tax Manual

Withholding Tax on Income of Foreign Companies Manual

Labor Relations Manual

Analytic Accounts Plan of the Agency Pro Agens (Accounting Manual)

Internal Audit Manual

 Agency's Profile

Agency's Profile

The Agency PRO AGENS - Skopje, founded in 1995, is one of the leading consulting companies in the field of tax, finance, accounting, law and management in the Republic of Macedonia, which provides consulting services, at the highest professional level, to its clients subscribed to the Agency's services, from the private sector, public administration and non-governmental sector, as well as to external parties that are not subscribed to the Agency's services (residents and non-residents), on basis of a special engagement of PRO AGENS as Project Consultant in different economic-legal areas.

Along the consulting services, provided as individual consulting (to a separate client) and as mass consulting (seminars, workshops and trainings), the Agency PRO AGENS also performs publishing activity. The Agency PRO AGENS publishes regular professional journals ("INFORMATOR" /Informer/, "DODATOK na Informator" /Annex to Informer/ and "PRO EKONOMIJA" /Pro Economy/), which contain current practically written articles in the economic-legal field, with special accent given to the tax-accounting issues, and unofficially edited versions of laws and by-laws (including changes and additions to the law) in the same field that are considered significant to the clients, and also non-regular professional Manuals, as well as special seminar editions. On a special demand of its clients, the Agency PRO AGENS, also, composes Elaborations and Reports in the economic-legal field. The edition "INFO-REGISTAR" /Info-Registry/ (registry file with replaceable papers that is updated on a regular basis), which contains all data and information necessary for the tax-accounting-financial operations of the clients, is also considered a very important product of the Agency PRO AGENS.

The Agency PRO AGENS guarantees the highest quality service, professional discretion and confidence to its clients, as well as permanent and enthusiastic expert support and dedication to solving clients' business problems in the shortest amount of time achievable.


Agency "Pro Agens" - Skopje
Naum Naumovski Borce No 68/4
(P.O. Box 272) 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
Bank account: 
Tutunska Bank - Skopje, R. Macedonia
telephone/fax:+389(2)/ 3298.763/3162.979
e-mail: kontakt@proagens.com.mk